Lashes, Lashes! Read all about Lashes

I can bet that recently you have heard all about lash extensions. Someone has them, their friend has them, or they are thinking about getting them. So, what is the deal? Why is everyone jumping on the lash train? Personally, for me it’s the appearance of having a face that looks “done” also I really like that fact that I don’t have to wear a ton of makeup. You can look put together with very minimal effort. But enough about me, let’s talk details on lashes.

First, there are 2 main styles in the lash world. Classic, which is one single extension to one natural lash. Volume lashes are anything over 2 extensions to one natural lash. There are a few variations to those, which are Hybrid or Mixed and that’s a combination of both classic and volume. You can also have Mega-Volume and that’s exactly as it sounds big and bold. Usually for first timers I recommend classic or Hybrid. Start small and work your way up to a look that suits you and your life style.

Common things you may hear about lashes are allergic reactions, no water on them and you don’t need to clean them. Firstly, most people do not have an allergic reaction to lashes. Generally, the lash was most likely applied incorrectly, and the sensitivity came from there. Secondly, water actually cures the glue. So, we suggest that you don’t get them dripping wet for 24 hours just so as not to reactivate the glue and cause possible irritation, but after that they are good to go. If you swim or exercise just try to rinse them off with fresh water after. Lastly, you have to clean your lashes! I cannot stress this enough, clean lashes just last better, like a lot better. Think about all the stuff you come into contact with during the day. Dust, makeup, watery eyes. These things all can build up in your lashes and start to compromise the adhesive. We don’t want that do we? So, remember to clean those lashes daily. Any good last artist will have a lash cleanser you can purchase.

Last thing to talk about is fills. So, how often do you need to go back to your artist and get your lashes redo? Every person depends but we generally recommend that you don’t exceed 2-3 weeks before you go back. Try to book your appointments in advanced too, cause we fill up and if you miss your regular 2-3 fill time you could have to get a new full set!

Hopefully this answered a few of your lash questions!

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