Here comes the Brideszilla!

Let’s face it, I don’t think any bride sets out to become a bridezilla, it just happens. So, if you are like me and must do everything yourself and must make it the best possible ever, try to start your wedding skin routine early. This will take a ton of skin related stress off you as your big day approaches.

Most experts recommend starting to see an esthetician at least 6-9 months before your wedding. Here is the thought process behind that… our skin is constantly changing, like day to day changing and we have what is call a cell turn over approximately every 28 days. This means an esthetician only has a small window to hit that cell turn over and work on the best and newest cells. Don’t freak though we as estheticians still can-do wonders if we are not hitting that cell turn over exactly every time. But if you come see us regularly and in advance, we have all sorts of opportunities to do so damn fine work. Here are a few quick bridal skin tips that should have your skin glowing from the inside in no time.

  • Start seeing an esthetician 6-9 months prior to wedding
  • Kick up that exfoliant and brightening serum about 5 months out- this will help with removal of dead skin cells and brighten up your skin
  • Start saying no to the booze and choose drinks and a diet full of dark leafy greens- unfortunately alcohol may lubricate the in-laws, but when it comes to your skin it is super dehydrating. Dark greens help oxygenate and stimulate lymph, which aids in draining of puffiness.
  • DO NOT WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE- please please please don’t do this! Nothing new should be done or added within 3 weeks of your wedding. You just are setting yourself up for a reaction.
  • Try to keep the stress down, exercise and keep the peace. I know it’s going to be hard to play Gandhi, but if your face has anything to say about it, be Zen baby!


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