Getting that glow back with Peels

An acid peel is one of the most effective treatments for helping create youthful, healthy looking skin… When it’s performed correctly. They remove cellular buildup, help stimulate skin rejuvenation, work on those fine lines and wrinkles and soften the overall texture. Peels can be effective against acne, hyperpigmentation and aging. So what happens to your skin when you get a peel? As you apply a specialized acid and enzyme to the skin, you begin to create a controlled injury that quickly increases cell turn over or the process of mitosis. This helps to reveal happy and glowing skin. There are several intensities of peels, which include:

Progressive Peels- mildest of peels, generally only remove the top layer of epidermis. Can be preformed in a series of 3-6 treatments about 1-2 weeks apart. Little to no down time.

Mid-Depth Peels- Skin may peel from this intra-epidermal treatment. Requires minimal down time. Can be performed monthly

Deep Peels- These peels can reach all the way down to the dermis and cause the skin to undergo considerable peeling. Downtime can be a week to 10 days. Performed every 6 weeks and it is not recommended to get more than 3 a year.

Acids available today for these treatments are more effective than ever. AHA or alpha hydroxy acids are naturally occurring, nontoxic and organic. Most commonly used AHA’s are glycolic and lactic and they loosen the glue that holds the cells together on your skin. BHA or beta hydroxy acid is salicylic, which is sourced from the willow and bark tree. It is generally the mildest acid but can be used for heavy lifting of skin. A Jessner peel is a combination of salicylic acid, resorcinol, and lactic acid that produces an effective exfoliant with less risk. TCA peels are also nontoxic and are very effective in low strengths. If you are considering a peel or would like to more information, check with your esthetician. They should be training and have worked with peels before they go to work on your skin. Each type of peel can be more effective for certain things, so make sure to be clear on what results you are looking for.

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