Family, how can one word invoke such feeling? We watch heartfelt TV family dramas, movies about how you are never whole without a family and my personal favorite the more accurate picture of how chaotic it all is. I think back and cannot recall one person telling me about how messy and crazy and wonderful and hard it all can be. How in the same breath you can love and want to scream! The only thing that I think is the most important is just that it is all really normal. You are normal, it doesn’t make you a bad mom or parent if some days you take some pretty large withdraws from the family bank. If most of the time you are adding deposits, a withdraw every once and awhile isn’t the worst thing in the world. I have moments where I know I am not winning any Mommy of the Year awards, but my kids are generally happy, healthy and well adjusted. I lose sleep at night wondering about their futures, I can hear them waking up from down the hall and know all their favorite foods. I have sewn costumes, glued projects and hung glow in the dark stars. I have screamed, cried and sworn I’d never scream or cry again. But, at the end of the day or even minute, I try to remember none of that stuff matters really. What matters is love. Love your children, tell them, hug them, kiss them. Model for them good decent human behavior. Teach empathy and respect. Show them humility and what it means to admit when you are wrong. We need our children to be the change. I do my best to be genuine and show my kiddos that they are loved and that they can’t get away with anything with Mom! ?

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