DIY Rosewater

Sometimes nothing smells better than the roses. So why not bottle up that smell for all the time goodness. This super easy rosewater recipe will have you smelling roses in no time. Perfect for a quick pick me up or added to a bath.


2 cups Rose Petals

2 cups distilled water

Dash of sea salt

Process- Place the rose petals in a glass or enamel pot, metal will actually have a negative reaction with the oils in the rose petals. Add the dash of sea salt to the petals to help bring out the petals. Heat the water to almost boiling, then remove from heat and pour on petals. Let them soak for at least an hour. Strain your petals from the liquid and poor into a storage container of your choice. To get all the essence out you can put rubber gloves on your hands to squeeze out the last bit of rose. The gloves keep the liquid from getting contaminated.

Place in the refrigerator for up to 4 months.

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