DIY Honey Coconut Body Wash

We have all been in the body wash isle at the store and thought, if only I could pick and choose the ingredients I like. Me too. So, I have taken a few of my favorite and made a great DIY body wash that will leave you feeling moisturized and refreshed.


½ cup extra-virgin coconut oil

½ cup raw honey

20 drops sweet orange essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

6 drops chamomile essential oil

1 cup unscented liquid castile soap


Start a double broiler on medium heat. Let the water reach a simmer. Place the coconut oil in the double broiler and allow to melt, once melted remove from heat and add honey. Whisk in the essential oils and finally the castile soap. Whisk ingredients to combine but be careful to not over whisk and create bubbles. Carefully add the mix to a seal-able bottle. Use is the shower or bath for up to a year.

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