Chau Schwendimann, Aesthetics Mentor

I believe skin care is a long term commitment you make to yourself. The question you need to ask yourself is not "Can I afford this service?" or "Can I afford this cream?" rather, "Can I commit to myself?". I can perform services that make you feel good today but the bulk of the work is up to you! You need to make the long term commitment to yourself and your skin. To see lasting results you will need to learn new habits and routines that will lead to beautiful skin. I'm here to assist you in that process and do it with you. I'll teach you micro-habits that slowly introduce products and routines into your daily regiment.

As a teenager, I struggled with acne that affected not only my skin but my self-esteem. My skin care routine reminds me every day of my dedication to myself and the results I see in the mirror stemmed from hard work. I see my acne scars as a reminder of my imperfection, my strength, and my commitment to myself. The scars won't go away but they are well managed. I constantly have to remind myself that I'm good enough, I'm worth it, I'm worth my time, and I'm worth my dedication. It's the force that gets me out of bed at night to put on my night cream when I forget. It's also the reward of glowing skin I see in the morning. This is when I say my thank you's. To the night for my rest, to the little bottles on the counter for working while I slept, and to God for waking me up and for today.

Yes, it's hard! Yes, you'll forget! That's why I'm here to cheer you on and my routines make it a little easier to stay on track and consistent. I'm honored to take this journey with you. I want to offer you a relationship that takes care of you. Your skin is the medium and I am a vehicle. We will work toward a healthier glowing you!

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