Beating the Holiday Stress

De-stressing the Holiday stress

Shopping, holiday parties and the in-laws have finally put you over the edge. Your skin is freaking out which of course stresses you out more. Last time I talked about the issues, now I am gonna give you a few quick fixes.

1.      Under eye baggage- Loss of sleep has finally caught up with you and your eyes are telling the tale. First fix is to take spoons and put them in the freezer for 10-15 while you suck down that first cup of coffee. After the spoons are cold, use the under sides and massage under your eyes starting from inside corner and moving out. This helps get the fluid moving and hopefully out from under your eyes. Dr. Schwab also carries a kick ass eye serum called “Puff away eye gel” I use this morning and night to combat dark circles and puffiness. Lastly, after you have used your cold spoons and eye serum take concealer and apply under eye in an inverted triangle, this helps draw the eye away from the undereye and brighten the appearance.

2.      Dry and flaky- Dehydration is a big issue even if you are not stressed. Remember to try and drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can also use a serum that has hyaluronic acid which is a water magnet. It occurs naturally in our body but is great when applied on the skin as it sucks moisture out of the air and gives us a nice dewy look.

3.      Acne-You’re not gonna like this fix, its what we should be doing no matter what. Drinking plenty or water, getting exercise, eating a well-balanced diet and staying away from sugar and alcohol. When all that goes out the window and you do get a pimple, try not to freak. Use a spot concealer that you apply with your finger, so you don’t contaminate the tip of the bottle.

4.      Rashes and Hives- Seriously if you get to this point with stress go see your Doctor. These things often need prescription strength help. Often a good probiotic will help rebalance the gut.

5.      Fine lines- Avoiding RBF when stressed is almost impossible, but a little trick to help you remember to not frown or purse your lips is to take a little piece of tape an put it in between your brows or on the upper lip. When that tape crinkles you know to stop.

I also suggest priming with a silicone facial product, this will help keep your makeup from settling into the lines you already have.

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