Holiday Stress

Holidays got you stressed?

As we fly through the holidays, shopping, over eating and indulging in the cocktail or 3, our stress levels tend to rise. This stress can cause us not only to binge cookie dough, but can put our skin on high alert for all sorts of issues. And the last thing we need this year is to worry about pimples and hives, when we should be enjoying time with family and friends. So, what does stress really do to your skin?

1.      Under eye baggage- so yeah, no sleep equals lots of fluid building up under those pretty eyes. Also, bad news for stomach sleepers, gravity is working against you and pooling that liquid right where you don’t want it.

2.      Dry and flaky- yuck two words never sounded so terrible, especially when used to describe your skin. Stressed out people tend to drink less water and increase stuff like coffee, soda and alcohol leading to dehydration. Also, don’t forget as the weather gets colder and we turn on those heaters, the moisture is being sucked out of the air.

3.      Acne- not just for your pubescent nephew. When we are stressed our body releases cortisol and that can throw off those good ole’ hormones. Which in turns causes freak outs and breakouts alike.

4.      Rashes and Hives- these lovelies are cause by a wonderful thing called Dysbiosis. Basically, all the bacteria in your gut gets out of check and once the bad out weighs the good you are looking at trouble.

5.      Fine lines- so if the last 4 didn’t sound terrible, this one probably should take the cake. When we stress out, we tend to furrow and purse. I am 100% guilty of RBF when I am stressed or trying to concentrate. These unconscious repetitive actions can ultimately lead to deeper wrinkles.

There you have the top 5 skin issues when it comes to stress. So, take a chill pill and read my next blog on how to handle these bad boys.


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