Show of hands please...

Hey hands off!

Ever look at your face then down at your hands and think geez my hands look like they are twice as old as my face? Well my friend you are definitely not alone. The 2 main areas we show our age is in our face and in our hands. So why are we biting the hands that feed us? I mean honestly think about how much abuse our hands go through in a day? Washing, touching, working in the yard or at a desk, dirt, bacteria, we literally just beat them up all damn day. Hands get exposed to everything we do. UV radiation with the sun, harsh chemicals from all the different soaps we use, so it’s no wonder that they age as fast a they do.

With all this exposure our hands are prime areas for skin cancer, dryness, cracking and all sorts of other issues. When we neglect our hands, aesthetic skin conditions like dark spots (hyperpigmentation), liver spots (chloasma), sun freckles (solar lentigines) and white spots (hypopigmentation) start to arise. Then you add on the thickening of the skin with severe dryness and you have a hotbed for loss of elastin and collagen making your hands look like they’ve never seen a hand cream in their lives! There is hope however. With use of a good daily hand cream, a simple night time regimen and getting your hands on a good esthetician, you can have your face and hands reflecting the age you really are in no time!

Stay tuned for my next blog and we will chat all about home treatments and treatments to ask your esthetician about!

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