I need a hero...

Becoming your own hero…

What a lesson for all girls and women to learn. I think that as young children we are conditioned to think that a knight in shining armor is going to come in on his white horse and whisk us off to our castle where we become princesses. And dammit if that just isn’t the reality of the whole thing. In our world today, the reality is we have to learn to save ourselves, no knights, no Christian Greys and no rich princes to sweep us off our feet. I can’t imagine raising a daughter in today’s age, with social media the way it is. I do know however that I will teach my 2 boys what respect is, what love it, how to treat all people by lifting them up and giving them support. I have always tried to instill in my boys what a real woman looks like, she isn’t perfect, her hair can be a mess, she doesn’t walk around in 4in stilettos for their enjoyment and eventually after breastfeeding 2 babies her boobs will get “long” like my oldest once said about mine. Real life is messy and definitely not perfect, so I am not pretending either way. I am keeping it as honest as possible and remembering that I once needed a hero and realized rather quickly the one person who can save me, is myself. So, I wish you luck in keeping it real, and saving yourself. And who are we kidding reading all about Mr. Grey and his Red Room ?   

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