What are the skin types and how do they work?

Skin types

Normal- the illusive “normal”, lets be honest, its pretty rare to be normal! Ha, well with skin types at least. When it comes to skin normal is someone who kinda just falls smack dab in the middle. Not too oily or too dry, minimal blemishes/wrinkles, pore size is smaller or hardly visible and usually a even skin tone. Normal skin types can have minor breakouts or issues of dryness but tend to clear up quickly. 

Dry- This skin types biggest complaint is a tight feeling in the skin. The skin may also be scaling or have flaking. Dry skin has almost invisible pores and inevitably shows signs of premature aging and irritation to the skin. Why are we dry? First let’s clear up that dry and dehydrated are 2 different things. Dry means a lack of oil, where dehydrated means a lack of water. So back to dry or lacking oil, this condition can have a variety of factors, incorrect products, heredity and environmental exposure. For example, extremely hot showers or the steam room at the gym will strip the oil from your skin.

Oily- This skin type is described right in the name, oily, shiny and prone to acne breakouts. Silver lining for oily skin type though is minimal signs of age! All that oil keeps your skin nice and safe from life! Yay for less signs of aging, especially if you suffered through more than a few years of horrible acne. Oily skin is from several factors but mainly hormones and genetics. When we are young we produce a steady amount of sebum or oil, but as we age that production slows down. Also, oily skin types can get dehydrated. Unfortunately, excess oil can also lead to more breakouts and the appearance of larger pores.

Combination- Ahh here is where many of us end up, in the good ole’ land of who knows what is happening! Today I am oily, but yesterday I was tight and dry. Generally, combo skin types are oily in what we call the T-zone (see picture) and dry in other areas. So, combo skin usually is harder to type as you can be oily yet not oily all over, or you can be dry but again not dry all over.

Sensitive- so this is a newer skin “type” more and more people are developing environmental sensitives due to more exposure chemicals that may not have been present 50 or even 5 years ago. So many sensitive skin types can show signs of dry, oily or even combo characteristics. However, normal/sensitive generally doesn’t happen, of course. Sensitive is mostly characterized by redness or irritation, inflammation is also very common.

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