Skin type and why we need to learn to love it!


So why do we really need to understand our skin type and what it means in our day to day lives?

Basically, our skin in the largest organ of our body and it’s also one of our largest defense mechanisms.

Plus, when you first meet someone, do you think that they are wondering how your lungs are? Generally, I’d say no, they see your face and they ask themselves how old they think you are.

It just a simple fact, people notice our faces first. This is how we present ourselves to the world. And for some reason its one of the last things we think about taking care of. I am guilty as charged! Before I went down this kick ass path of Aesthetics, I washed my face with baby shampoo or whatever I was using on my hair I let it rinse down my face. The horror of it! No sunscreen, hats or long sleeves. Tan was beauty babe! Now, in hindsight, I generally say “crap, shit, or OMG what the hell was I thinking!” while chasing around my 2 boys yelling about sunscreen and rash guards.

Don’t repeat or continue to do it!! I promise if I can change anyone can… I didn’t realize how truly simple it really was.

Ok back to skin type, we need to know, so we can put the right stuff on our faces and bodies. With the multi-billion beauty industry, there are more than a few thousand products out there. All making claims and pledges of better! But not all products are the same, otherwise we’d not have the overabundance of the newest, latest and greatest. After reading about the different skin types on my previous blogs, you can now see why it’s important!

You can save money on not buying the wrong stuff, save time on knowing what it right for you and take one less decision off your huge list, when you type your skin.

It’s the first step in creating a home care and in office treatment routine that is easy and effective for you!

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