The 411 on Facial Masks

So what’s the deal with facial masking?

Ah yes the ancient art of putting a goop on your face and hoping it will provide that miracle once washed off… unfortunately as many of us have experienced that just isn’t the case. Masking in my mind has 2 main goals (product penetration and detoxification), and the other stuff it accomplishes is just the icing on the cake, things like lifting and tightening.

Penetration, doesn’t it sound like a naughty word! However, in the world of masking its our go to goal. With the advancement of skin care with things like serums, we have the ability to layer under a mask to get that added benefit of deeper product dispersion. Masks as they heat, dry or rest on our skin allow the under layers to be pushed and absorbed more efficiently, and I know I am all about getting more bang for my buck!

Detoxification, another great word! I think we all can use a little detox every once and awhile. As with the first goal of masking, detoxing is just as it sounds, pushing out the gunk. Yes, I know gunk is a very technical word. Masking helps the body eliminate any sort of toxin or dead skin cells that still are hanging on for dear life.

Types of masks: Masks come in a variety of forms, most common are clay, gel, cream and sheet. Clay masks tend to focus on detoxing the skin. Gel, cream and sheet are used primarily for hydration and restoration (meaning possible skin issues like sunburn, redness, etc.)

So to sum it all up…

Main benefits of masking look like

·         Getting those products deeper down in the layers of our skin

·         Hydration

·         Detoxing

·         Repairing damage

·         Lifting and tightening

·         Just good ole relaxation

Things to remember when choosing a mask.

·         What are your primary goals that day? Hydration, detoxing etc.

·         Your skin type (DUH!)

·         Allergies

Check out my video on masking to see how we get it on, off and all the in between. I’m on YouTube and IGTV

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