Choosing a good cleanser based on skin type

Cleanser for normal skin- this is usually based on user preference. Most products will work for normal skin types. However, be smart and look at the ingredients of the stuff you are putting on your face. This goes for all skin types. Be an educated consumer, read labels and ask questions.

Cleanser for dry skin- avoid products with high alcohol content and look for a creamy consistency. This will sooth and hydrate dry skin with repairing your barrier.

Cleanser for Oily skin- Oily skin tends to need a product with a slightly lower PH level as well as a more foam or gel consistency.

Cleanser for Combo Skin- this tends to be also user preference. You may also have 2 cleansers one for the oily sections and one for the dry sections. You would want to follow the recommendations for dry and oily skin cleansers.

Cleanser for Sensitive skin- with this being a recent addition to skin type, there is an overabundance of products brought onto market. Look for balanced PH, products free of synthetics, but also remember natural and organic are not regulated for skin care products. So education is key.  

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