Why do we cleanse

Why do we cleanse our face?

We cleanse our body with juice fasts and every new fad available, but why do we forget that our face needs a good cleaning? And daily at that!

So here is the nitty gritty so to speak on facial cleansing. We need to remove build up. Build up is everything that you and your face contact both externally and internally. Internally our bodies are shedding and replacing skin cells and hair on average every 28 days. Externally, makeup, pollutants, bacteria and on and on touch your skin. Without washing all that off, the products you do put on your face would never penetrate that layer of gunk.

When you maintain a good cleansing routine you help maintain the barrier function of your skin. Without a proper barrier function, your skin breaks down, breaks out and basically freaks out.

Some of the most basic reasons to cleanse are really no brainers.

·         Regular cleansing keeps your skin looking good

·         Clean skin will absorb products better- so you’re not wasting your money

·         Helps keep your pores from looking like landmines

·         Keeps your face hydrated and limits the over production of oils

Ok we know the why, so what about the what? What cleanser do I choose for my skin type?

A few things to keep in mind for cleanser choosing.

·         Know your skin type

·         Think about your lifestyle- do you sweat a lot, wear heavy makeup

·         Know allergies and sensitivities

·         Research and educate yourself- get an Aesthetics Mentor to help you

Don’t forget to watch my “how to cleanse your face” tutorial!


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